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Object Theatre

Maggie Winston

Whether it is an egg carton, a plastic bag, or computer parts, they can all have lives of their own with the assistance of a puppeteer. We will explore the idea that a puppet is any performing object. Basic puppetry skills will be introduced, such as the idea of getting out of the way of the puppet to allow the puppet to breathe its own life. Puppeteers will work in groups to improvise scenes with their objects, presenting them for each other.

Simple Marionettes

Wryly Andherson

This is an ambitious crash course in marionette theory, construction, stringing and manipulation, with the aim that each participant will get to step away with a gracefully walking marionette. Jointed human figures will be patterned, cut out and assembled with cardboard and hot glue, then weighted and strung on wooden controls. We will end with an exploration of basic manipulation methods and exercises. These cardboard figures can then be taken home to be fleshed out and finished with papier mache.

Simple Sock Puppet

Kellie Haines

In this fast paced workshop with Kellie Haines, each participant will have the opportunity to create their own sock puppet, learn about storytelling and how to puppeteer through the use of fairy tales. Students will learn how to find their puppet’s character through voice and movement. The art of ventriloquism will also be explored.

Intro to Puppet Manipulation

Jeny Cassady

In this introductory class on manipulation have fun forming new connections between hand and mouth- exercise muscles in your hands and body like no yoga class can!  Learn some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to hand puppetry, and gain a new appreciation for puppeteering!  If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a puppeteer, this class will give you peek into that world.   No experience necessary!

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