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The Imaginarium     Duffy’s Puppets

Ages 3+       

Growing up they were the best of friends, but as

Lena becomes too cool to play with her brother,

Loopy desperately seeks out a new playmate

among the 10 other characters within The

Imaginarium Universe.

The Little Old Man Theatre Bagger

Living in an unfriendly town, an old man is very

lonely. When he goes for a walk and puts signs

up on trees looking for a friend, the results are

eye-opening for the little fellow. With just four

hands, expressive puppets, an elegant lighting

design and original jazz piano score, this

inventive Vancouver company brings a modern

Swedish folktale to life. A touching story of

love, loneliness, fear and hope.

Ages 3+      

Ideas Bobert! RagmopTheatre Co.

Do you listen to the cogs that whir in your head,

or the songbird’s hymn that sings in your chest?

Teetering on the brink of absolute failure, Love-

sick Bobert discovers his heart to be more than

he knew. From award winning creator Candice

Roberts comes a whimsical brew of physical

comedy and conundrum. Ridiculous and

preposterous! Like Ginger Rogers meets Mr. Bean,

Ideas Bobert dances with the absurd.

Family Friendly      

Interactive Bike Marionettes

UpCYCLEd Stories

All Ages       

Featuring unique marionettes made of recycled

bicycle parts based on real people from

Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

This multimedia docu-drama interweaves

puppeteering and documentary style video

screenings with audience participation in

Animating puppets and live sound effects during the


Fierce & Fearless Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts


Based on the Grimm’s Fairy Tale “The Prince Who Feared Nothing,” Fierce and Fearless is a coming of age story, set in the 1970’s, about a youth who sets out for his first time to the gay village, daring to see the who wins the Finocchio’s Audition Competition at the Grand Gala Ball; but what is in store for this curious cat is more than he even hoped for.

Inside Outlet

Mind of a Snail


Mature audiences        30 minutes

A shadow show featuring everyday objects that is strange, poignant and funny. Will the fork ever find its love? Will the spoon find its true place in the universe? Expect toothbrush on hairbrush violence, pens at work and spray bottles who are the gatekeepers to a mystical face.


Mature audiences       

Our gala event will be the jewel of the festival With micro performances by local and visiting puppeteers, food generously provided by Kessel & March, drinks, a silent auction and music. This is an event not to be missed.


mature audiences   

With a biting, dark sense of humor, this indie feature film from vancouver follows the casting search for a new puppeteer on a popular children’s television show. A reality TV documentary crew follows four finalists. This comedy about puppets, puppeteers and the people who hire them soon reveals all kinds of secrets and makes it clear that nobody involved should have anything to do with children...ever. follwong the show There will be a short talk back with director aaron houston.
WARNING: This Mockumentary Movie is NOT for Kids!

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