After Dark Programming

Adult Oriented content for the Big Kids Parental Guidance

Streamed on YouTube Friday, July 31, 2020 at 7 pm PST (10 pm EST)



Vancouver International Puppet Festival’s Digital Puppet Slams

The Fast & The Furriest Digi - Puppet Slam - Adult Oriented content for the Big Kids

Streamed on YouTube Friday, July 31, 2020 at 7 pm PST (10 pm EST)

The Lowdown:

Working on a new puppet piece? Got a puppet experiment to try in front of a friendly global audience? Try it out at one of our Digi-Puppet Slams!

VIP Festival’s slams are traditionally a safe, fun, inclusive place for puppeteers and puppet enthusiasts to gather and play. This time, we’ll be collecting your digitally recorded work, then screening it live for a global audience via YouTube 

July 31 for the adults The Fast & The Furriest Puppet Slam

In the spirit of classic slams, these events will be un-curated and puppet acts will participate based on order of video submission.

Artists who submit but don’t make the cut off will be included in the next Digi-Slam installment.

Your act can be about anything. Please be aware, VIPF is FIRMLY and INSISTENTLY anti-racist and pro LGBTQ+.

Please note we will be collecting donations as the Digi-Slam is screened. All proceeds will be equally split and paid to the artists to help them create work in these troubled times. We can’t wait to hear from you!!

**Following the Live Stream, your piece will live in this collection on our YouTube page VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL PUPPET FEST in perpetuity, unless otherwise stated. Please let us know if you’d like your piece to be a one-time only screening, and we’ll edit it out before uploading the file.

Submission Requirements:

-An original, digitally captured puppetry piece* (3-8 minutes - not set in stone) 

-And a short (30 second max) video introducing yourself/your company/the piece

-A new creation, never before performed or seen.

-Please refrain from using copyrighted music if possible.

Submission Deadline:

Final deadline for submission to The Fast & The Furriest Puppet Slam

Sunday July 26th

Submission Method:

Please save your files: MOV. Or MP4


ArtistName_Introduction_DigiSlam.mov (for your brief intro of yourself/the piece)

Use WeTransfer.com (totally free) to send us your files

Attn: vipfestpuppetslam@gmail.com

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns

Email: info@vipuppetfest.com

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